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CE Serum Procalcitonin PCT Test Kit 12 months Validity

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shenzhen,CHINA
Brand Name: HEALES
Certification: CE
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: paper box
Detail Information
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CE Serum Procalcitonin Test


PCT Test Kit 12 Months Validity


PCT Test Kit 12 Months Validity

Product Description

Packing specification

50 tests/kit

Intended use

For the quantitative determination of PCT in human serum in vitro.

Test principle

PCT antigen unites with anti-human PCT polyclonal antibody combined with the surface of latex particle in blood, occurs an antigen-antibody reaction, forms latex - antibody - antigen occurs light scattering when the light passes through the reaction suspension, the specific protein analyzer can detect it, the scattering intensity is proportional to the content of antigen antibody immune complex.

Kit contents

Content Components
R1 0.01M pH 7.0 Reaction (Phosphate) Buffer
R2 Latex suspension of sheep anti-human PCT polyclonal antibody
RF card 1 piece
Cuvette 1/test
QC L(optional)

Procalcitonin and calf serum albumin

Target range: 0.3-5.0ng/ml

QC M(optional)

Procalcitonin and calf serum albumin

Target range: 5.0~20.0ng/ml

QC H(optional)

Procalcitonin and calf serum albumin

Target range: 20.0~50.0ng/ml

Storage conditions and Validity

1. The kit is stored at 2-8℃. DO NOT FREEZE.

2. Validity period is 12 months.

3. The reagent after opening can be stored for 28 days at 2-8℃.

Applicable instrument

Specific Protein Analyzer QR-100,QR-200 and QR-1000 manufactured by HEALES.

Contact Details

Phone Number : +8618620314186